my video for SUN is out via tsugi magazine

" ... my lover wants me dead : si la vie sentimentale de s a r a s a r a n’a pas l’air évidente ( c’est le cas de le dire ) à en croire les paroles de sun, on ne peut qu’imaginer une vengeance des plus terribles en regardant son clip ... "

R E A D M O R E >> tsugi

filmed in tondoscope // directed by michiel robberecht // special thanks to gust van den berghe

the guardian // the future 50 : the most exciting independent artists in the world ..

" ... not only does sarasara share a record label with björk, as well as an alien, future-facing aesthetic, but this french producer-singer has a passion for wiring tech into her tunes, too (...) her music is robotic: pitting african instruments against squelching, mutant machine beats. her debut, amor fati, also features co-production from the official authority on oddball creations, matthew herbert ... "

R E A D M O R E >> the guardian


photos : michel jocaille // ruff : stephane laurent marcel artworks

i'm longlisted for glastonbury ETC 2017 <3

" lilting, heavy broken beat reminds me of gazelle twin. stark contrast with the whispery, fragile vocal. really unnerving in the best way "

R E A D M O R E >> the fader

rdv au printemps de bourges le 19 avril !!

" pour une fois, on le dira en anglais : « gorgeous but outlandish glitchy pop ». c’est ainsi que the guardian a qualifié sarasara quand elle est apparue dans sa rubrique « new band of the week » en septembre 2016. cette chanteuse, dj et compositrice lilloise est aussi un prodige de résilience, a été développeuse et a conquis matthew herbert. attention : il court sur elle des rumeurs de métissage aphex twin amerie, voire de björk au centuple... "

R E A D M O R E >> le printemps de bourges

be box tv // live session

" meet self-professed geek s a r a s a r a – this week’s fresh on fridays artist "

W A T C H >> live performance here

the arts desk // the cream of what the AD on vinyl has been listening to

" sarasara’s is an original sound and this is an original album "

R E A D M O R E >> the arts desk

gaffa denmark // amor fati receives FIVE STARS

" triphop ain't dead ... "

R E A D M O R E >> gaffa

the 405 // a few things you should know about my new album

" ... s a r a s a r a's album is called amor fati and here she talks to the 405 about the process of creating it. ..."

R E A D M O R E >> the 405

the guardian // new band of the week : gorgeous but outlandish glitchy pop

" ... she uses technology to form sounds into songs that express the agony and ecstasy of existence. it is hard to think of reference points or other exponents, although it’s probably no coincidence that she’s signed to björk’s label, one little indian, and her debut album, amor fati, has been produced by matthew herbert, no stranger himself to idiosyncratic electronica. all cute breathy vocal-sighs and crashing dissonance, her music is what might have happened had petite meller signed to 90s warp, or the next (il)logical step after the likes of fka twigs, kelela and SZA: a sort of industrial-strength R&B; aaliyah meets aphex twin... "

R E A D M O R E >> the guardian

france // le printemps de bourges

photos michel jocaille // dress lydia bachet // ruff stéphane laurent marcel artworks

london // 21 rpm festival

photos : alexandre dai castaing // suit : lydia bachet

paris // la boule noire

photos : clémence losfeld // necklace : stephane laurent marcel artworks

lille // le grand mix

photos : michel jocaille // cape : stéphane laurent marcel artworks

May 19, 2017 brighton, UK the great escape festival the great escape festival Buy ticket

April 19, 2017 bourges, FR le printemps de bourges festival le printemps de bourges festival
April 12, 2017 london, UK oslo oslo
April 10, 2017 lille, FR aeronef ( special showcase ) aeronef ( special showcase )
March 30, 2017 lille, FR la cave aux poètes la cave aux poètes
March 8, 2017 london, UK kamio kamio
February 21, 2017 london, UK birthdays birthdays
February 9, 2017 london, UK xoyo xoyo
January 21, 2017 amsterdam, NL progress bar progress bar
January 13, 2017 lille, FR le grand mix le grand mix
November 21, 2016 london, UK the old blue last the old blue last
November 17, 2016 paris, FR la boule noire la boule noire
October 1, 2016 london, UK 21rpm festival 21rpm festival

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